Sleep And Wellness Conference Keynote Speech – A Cure for Sleep Apnea?

LAS VEGAS – Can a chronic condition such as sleep disordered breathing be eliminated? It’s ultimately a scientific question, but Dave Singh, DMD, PhD, DDSc, is also quick to point out that the answer is not a threat to anyone’s livelihood.

“No one is going out of business,” says Singh, owner, Vivos BioTechnologies Inc, Cedar Crest, New Mexico. “You have mild, moderate, and severe cases. A possible cure is about collaboration and cooperation. No one is excluded from this party. If you’re happy with your CPAP, that’s great. If you’re happy with your oral appliance, that’s fine. There are people who don’t like the mask, and with the oral appliances there can be side effects.”

During his keynote address at the Annual Sleep & Wellness Conference hosted by the American Sleep & Breathing Academy (ASBA) April 13-14, 2018, Las Vegas, Singh will describe sleep apnea procedures that are approved by the FDA and covered by medical insurance. “I’ll talk about the different options,” he says. “There are alternatives in addition to CPAP, surgeries, and mandibular advancement devices.”

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Viewed as a whole, Singh sees vast opportunity, and his optimism is infectious. “The future of dental sleep medicine is off the charts,” he says. “It’s the right thing at the right time for the right reasons. I’ve been in the field for a long time, and now we’re seeing public awareness of the issue, and a realization of how sleep apnea affects overall health.

“If we as dentists can help to identify these patients by screening people, getting a diagnosis by working in collaboration with medical colleagues, and determining alternatives, it’s all a win-win,” continues Singh. “This is the golden age of dental sleep medicine.”

In an effort to cement dental sleep medicine within the larger medical world, Singh is working with two university hospitals in the United States to eventually formulate a new specialty, curriculum, and residency training.

“The idea is that dentists will come into the sleep medicine program as a one-year, full-time fellowship in sleep medicine for dentists,” explains Singh. “They would go through that full-time training, and when they come out the other side, we expect a new specialty to emerge called dental sleep medicine, just like you have oral surgeons and orthodontists. This is where ASBA is at the forefront. It’s all about laying this exciting foundation for the future of the profession.”


Dr Dave Singh DMD PhD DDSc

Dr. Singh is a Diplomate of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy. He is the founder of the field of pneumopedics and cranofacial epigenetics, including epigenetic orthodontics, having realized a few years ago that there is a natural way for the body to remodel the upper airway, reshape bone and move teeth into their correct positions painlessly without the use of surgery or drugs.

Alan Hickey

Alan Hickey

Publisher of Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy Journal the Official publication of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy, the Journal is a clinical and technical publication for dental and medical professionals.

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