Serial Entrepreneur (and Oprah!) Pays Attention to Sleep


When a “healthy amount of sleep” is mentioned during the course of a digital health care partnership involving a “serial entrepreneur,” Oprah Winfrey, and “Dr. Oz,” you know that sleep awareness has come of age.


The brief, yet significant mention, comes in a Forbes Q&A with Jeff Arnold, co-founder of Sharecare, a digital healthcare platform that also features founders Oprah and Dr Oz—with additional backing by Google’s Eric Schmidt and the US Army.


Miguel Forbes asks Arnold, an alumni of WebMD, “What does success look like for Sharecare?” In the Forbes article, Arnold responds: “Our ultimate goal is to empower consumers, providers, employers and payers, alike, to proactively make the choices to what we refer to as ‘living in the green’ every day. What that means is harnessing all the technology available to us, and tapping into health trackers, sensors and wearables to recognize the things people do every day – whether it’s being active, taking Vitamin D or flossing, or not getting a healthy amount of sleep or sitting too much – and assign values to those behaviors that translate into tangible “micro payments” that add – or subtract – hours, days and eventually years back on your life.”


This so-called reverse engineering science involves calculating a RealAge metric, which tells the actual age of the body versus calendar age. “Forty million people have already taken the RealAge Test, and now we need to educate them on how to get real time micropayments so they can literally get time back on their life,” says Arnold. “There’s no question that healthcare is on the precipice of a major transformation, and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.”


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