Men’s Disconnect with Sleep and Health

Most people underestimate how long they can survive without food. Prisoners that have gone on hunger strikes live around 60 days before their demise. Although there is not a lot of data on how long humans can survive without , researches agree that it is considerably less. In studies the longest lifespan of deprived rats was only 11 days.

We know that men outnumber women when it comes to those that suffer sleep disorders. These disorders are killers. The challenge for those concerned for us is to get us to act on the lifesaving  treatments for these nighttime disorders. But should you deprive us men our dinners, you will most likely see us go into an immediate survival mode and take action to nourish our poor starving bodies. It would seem very unnatural to state that we will take care of this another day when it’s more convenient.

It’s no surprise that women in general are willing to admit when they are in poor health and less likely to die because of it. If you look at drugs that Big Pharma push in advertising to the male demographic, it would appear that the erectile disorder drugs are the big money makers over heart and hypertension drugs. Once again, showing that we men often lose focus on the one area that is most important, living.

So in an act to remind men of some of the dangers of sleep I will list some sleep disorder trivia

  • Humans can survive longer without food than without sleep
  •  Heart disease, diabetes, and obesity have been linked to chronic sleep loss
  •  Over 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder
  • Those that have less sleep than the average person have shorter lives
  •  Sleep deprivation leads to higher inflammatory proteins in blood
  •  65% of Americans lose sleep because of stress
  •  A snoring person wakes their bed partner an average of 20 times per night with an average of 1 hour of sleep loss each night
  • Oh, did I mention that is often associated with sleep disorders?
Jeremy Andra, RPSGT, RST

Jeremy Andra, RPSGT, RST

Mr. Andra is well known throughout the western United States for bringing sleep programs from initial startup to full operational capabilities by opening approximately 100 sleep facilities. Mr. Andra has been involved in sleep medicine since 1990 when he started one of the first sleep labs using computerized digital systems and one of the earliest portable EEG services in the market. Later, he was involved in large drug research studies as well as evaluating and field testing various medical devices needing FDA approvals including auto technologies with major PAP companies. Mr. Andra then added the dental sleep medicine as a part of his focus. He developed a dental tool named the “Andra Gauge” that is now sold internationally. The Andra Gauge has won Medical Innovation Awards and Dental Products Report had it in their “Top 10 Most Wanted Products”. As a regular on the sleep industry speaking circuit, Jeremy Andra is known for bringing both medical and dental professionals together to create successful business and patient models for Sleep Medicine. Mr. Andra now serves as Product Manager and Business Development Manager for Cadwell Laboratories.

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