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Grass Technologies is strong on endurance and a persistent leader in the development of high quality, reliable products for sleep and neurodiagnostic recording systems (

The Grass reputation of being the “gold standard” when it comes to reliability has followed the company since its inception in 1935.  The company’s long-standing history is a reflection of the faith that its customers have in its reputation of delivering quality products in a market where quality is often difficult to monitor.  Grass was there when sleep and EEG were in its infancy and played a vital role in the evolution of these fields.  Grass pioneered the design of the first EEG and sleep electroencephalographs and was a key player in the advancement of knowledge in these areas.  There are many things that set Grass Technologies apart from its competitors, but the most important fundamentals that customers count on again and again is the reliability of its exceptional products and the “Grass” commitment to customer service before, during and after the sale.

Reliable instrumentation builds customer confidence
Committed customers continue to purchase Grass products because the reliability factor has been maintained.   Although Grass was sold to Astro-Med, Inc in 1994, the Grass name and reputation have persisted.  Grass Technologies manufactures and develops numerous ancillary and support products and equipment that can be used in both sleep and other Neurodiagnostic applications.  The company offers the latest cutting-edge technology with high-end recording and analysis software set in uniquely dependable and sophisticated amplifiers. Reliable instrumentation for recording both ambulatory and laboratory-based sleep studies and EEG and long-term epilepsy monitoring are the backbone of its product line.  Grass offers a comprehensive line of clinical systems and is the only manufacturer that provides a lifetime warranty on all of its products, including amplifiers, head boxes, photic stimulators and other ancillary equipment.  Grass is able to offer this unique warranty because the company manufactures and develops all of its products in the United States in its Rhode Island headquarters and Massachusetts plant.  The company not only designs, manufactures and supports all of its products, but also sells them directly to its customers.  This allows Grass Technologies to make timely repairs and returns to its customers if a product malfunctions.

Customer support is an important part of the Grass tradition
With in-house engineers developing new hardware and software lines, Grass is able to offer a complete sophisticated group of instruments and accessories, including electrodes, sensors, amplifiers, stimulators, printers, video instrumentation and various sensors and transducers for monitoring EEG and sleep.  The team of dedicated designers and engineers ensure that the latest technology and instrumentation is delivered to its customers. Grass continues to thrive and grow in a tough economy due to consistent customer support and field sales coverage in the sleep and EEG markets.  The comprehensive development and product line of clinical systems offered by Grass Technologies is based on customer feedback.  The sales team stays in close touch with its customers through regular visits to determine how its products are being used, and to keep an ear on what the customers would like to see in their software package.  Customer support extends to “Grass College” which not only offers an opportunity for customers to receive advanced face-to-face training on the products purchased, but also a chance for new technologists to receive vital training.

Supporting sleep and neurodiagnostics is a part of the Grass tradition
Grass Technologies also has a reputation of contributing to and supporting education in both sleep and neurodiagnostics.  The company develops and provides educational products for the industry at no charge to its customers.  Customers using Grass Instrumentation currently employed in an EEG/PSG laboratory in the United States and Canada may request free Grass Educational Literature.  These products are incredibly useful for studying for exams and for training in schools and laboratories.

Grass continues to stand alone as a strong force in sleep and EEG diagnostics and manufacturing. The company is well financed, has no debt and is able to continue to offer the best products and support to its customers.  
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Marietta B. Bibbs is Manager of Sleep Disorders and Neurodiagnostics Departments at Morton Plant Mease Healthcare in Clearwater, FL and has worked in sleep medicine for the past 34 years. She is past President of the BRPT, has served on and chaired several BRPT committees and regularly participates in AAST programs as a speaker and lecturer.  Marietta is meeting coordinator for The Southern Sleep Society and is founder of the SE/SW Regional Association of Polysomnographic Technologists.

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