DentiTrac® SomnoMed Signs Exclusive Agreement with BRAEBON Medical for Compliance Measurement

December 2012: SomnoMed Limited announced today that it has entered into a contract with
BRAEBON Medical Corporation, a Canadian company based in Ottawa, to become a worldwide distributor
for the DentiTrac® Base Station and DentiTrac® Micro-Recorder with exclusivity in Europe and parts of Asia
Pacific and in SomnoDent’s oral appliance design class in North America.
The DentiTrac® system has been developed by BRAEBON over the last few years. It is a micro recorder,
which will be imbedded in SomnoDent® oral appliances and monitors the wearing time of the SomnoDent®
device, as well as gather other information (oral temperature, movements and head position) relating to the
patient’s sleep pattern during the night. Information is transmitted wirelessly to the DentiTrac® base station
and from there to the BRAEBON cloud. The detailed information about the patient’s use of the
SomnoDent® device, in short one minute intervals during every night of use over a long period of time, can
then be downloaded by a medical specialist, SomnoMed network dentists or other authorized entities.
“We are very excited about our agreement with BRAEBON. Compliance measurement is the last question
to be answered when it comes to oral appliance therapy. After the introduction of SomnoMed MATRx™ in
June this year, which delivers immediate proof as to the efficacy of the SomnoDent® treatment and the
optimal positioning of the SomnoDent® device, the question whether we can prove patient’s compliance
remained as the last question to be answered from a medical point of view,” said Dr. Peter Neustadt,
Executive Chairman of SomnoMed.
“The ability to prove compliance will widen the door to the medical market. The DentiTrac® system cannot
be circumvented and delivers data in short intervals during the night. We believe this will not only allow us
to broaden the acceptance from medical specialists but also gain greater support from insurers around the
world, who require proof that the sleep apnea patient is compliant in their treatment. Compliance is now a
major issue with CPAP and it is understandable that insurers demand compliance measurement. Clinical
research shows that compliance is very high with the use of SomnoDent®, however DentiTrac® will now
allow SomnoMed to enter into discussions with professional organisations which insist on nightly treatment
of their sleep apnea diagnosed members (e.g. the US Trucker’s Association with over 11 million members)
and demand proof of compliance,” said Dr. Neustadt.
The long term contract with BRAEBON gives SomnoMed exclusivity to market and distribute the
DentiTrac® system in its application for oral appliance therapy in Europe and parts of Asia-Pacific and
exclusivity for oral appliances in the dorsal fin oral appliance class of SomnoDent® in North America.
DentiTrac® will become available during 2013, once all necessary regulatory approvals have been
Dr. Richard Bonato, co-founder and President and CEO of BRAEBON said, “We are very pleased to have
joined forces with SomnoMed for the worldwide distribution of DentiTrac®. BRAEBON has invested years of
development in this system and has created a system, which we believe is setting a high bar for accurate
compliance measurement in oral appliances. SomnoMed is the global leader in dental sleep medicine and
because of the quality of their SomnoDent® products and their global reach it is the ideal partner for our
DentiTrac® system. We believe the worldwide potential for DentiTrac® is significant. Compliance
measurement will contribute to the growth of oral appliance therapy as an alternative to CPAP. BRAEBON
is in the process of obtaining regulatory approval and anticipate receiving this shortly for Canada, and
Europe. We will be ready to supply product as soon as the DentiTrac® is cleared in a territory
Source: SomnoMed

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