Braebon’s Pursuit Outcomes

Review by Sandra Lombardo, RPSGT, RT
Sleep Lab Consultants Inc.
Buffalo, NY


Braebon’s Pursuit Outcomes software virtually eliminates redundant data entry. Pursuit Outcomes significantly reduces the amount of time spent on redundant work required by the office staff, which allows for more time to be spent with patients. Many pieces of information reside in the patient’s electronic record that can be extracted in a number of different ways. It brings together all of the information on a patient into one spot and allows for very easy access to each patient.

Furthermore, it allows business owners to track referral activities, third party payers, procedures, turn-around times, and much more. The tracking system is very useful when going through the accreditation process by keeping a very organized and comprehensive record of each patient who has been evaluated, tested, and treated within the sleep lab. You can also compare patient and family medical history with diagnoses and treatment outcomes.


There are many features that make the Outcomes system unique. My favorite feature is the colorized graphic scheduler for patients that is very helpful to both the scheduling personnel and nighttime technical staff. Outcome’s ability to interface to the outside world allows it to communicate with a number of PSG systems, off-the-shelf software packages, and hospital IS systems.

I believe that workflow management software is paramount when operating a modern sleep lab. Outcomes actually tracks comprehensive workflow on each patient from the initial diagnostic phase through treatment and follow-up. The greatest benefit of Outcomes is that it allows very easy access to not only patient information, but also to facility information as well.


With the proper training, I have found Outcomes to be very simple to understand. It is very intuitive and easy to navigate with reduced keystrokes. Information can be found quickly and reports can be generated with only one or two mouse clicks. The software has 14 years of input from both existing and potential customers and that feedback has eliminated software bugs that are typical within a program this comprehensive.

The company has a number of full time programmers that are constantly enhancing Outcomes’ software, based on customer feedback. The only thing I can think of that it is missing is a DME module that is already in the plans to be released later on this year. Having worked with Braebon’s Pursuit Outcomes for a little over one year, I would definitely recommend it to any sleep facility, whether starting up or existing, hospital-based or freestanding, as a powerful tool to save money and to run operations more successfully.

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