A Novel, Economical Way to Monitor Snore During CPAP Titration Utilizing Existing Hardware in the Sleep Lab

The Salter Labs® BiNAPS® and other select pressure transducers are utilized during sleep disorder studies to simultaneously measure respiratory airflow and snore pressure signals via a sleep diagnostic cannula.  When titration to CPAP is initiated it previously required switching to a snore microphone / sensor.  Now with the introduction of the new Salter Labs® SnoreTac™ Snore Sensing Adapter all that is required is for a sleep lab to utilize the SnoreTac™ Adapter with the existing sleep diagnostic cannula and place securely on the patient’s neck. The BiNAPS® will provide a clean snore signal with less signal artifact than traditional sensors. This eliminates the need for a snore microphone / sensor. This unique technology is disposable, single patient use and saves time and money, while eliminating the cleaning, damage and replacement issues associated with alternative snore sensors.

How was the SnoreTac™ developed and what is the science behind its operation?
The Salter Labs® SnoreTac™ was developed by engineers in the Salter Labs® R&D department in response to requests from sleep labs for a way to improve snore signals and utilize their existing BiNAPS® devices during CPAP titration to monitor snore.  The result is a small, light weight disposable adapter that attaches to the Salter Labs® sleep cannula and utilizes existing piezo sensor technology in the BiNAPS® to deliver a clean, accurate signal to the PSG equipment or other data acquisition system.

Who would benefit from using the Salter Labs® SnoreTac™?
The Salter Labs® SnoreTac™ will benefit all sleep labs using Salter Labs® BiNAPS® and other combination airflow pressure / snore devices, as well as, labs who are dissatisfied with their current snore microphone / sensors.

How will the Salter Labs® SnoreTac™ improve patient care?

The SnoreTac™ allows for improved detection of snore events with less  artifact, while providing a low cost disposable adapter that can be disposed of after each use

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