Time Magazine Spotlights Brain Benefits of Sleep


A new article in venerable Time magazine boldly proclaims that a good night’s rest “isn’t a luxury—it’s critical for your brain and for your health.” The article by Alice Park highlights scientists’ beliefs that when the lights go out, “a legion of neurons springs into action, and like any well-trained platoon, the cells work in perfect synchrony, pulsing with electrical signals that wash over the brain with a soothing, hypnotic flow.”


“If every one of us slept as much as we’re supposed to, we’d all be lighter, less prone to developing Type 2 diabetes and most likely better equipped to battle depression and anxiety,” writes Park. “We might even lower our risk of Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis and cancer.”


The lengthy article documents “the consequences of skimping,” along with the myriad studies that vouch for the mental and physical benefits of proper slumber.


“Health experts have been concerned about our sleep-deprived ways for some time, but the new insights about the role sleep plays in our overall health have brought an urgency to the message,” writes Park. “Sleep, the experts are recognizing, is the only time the brain has to catch its breath. If it doesn’t, it may drown in its own biological debris–everything from toxic free radicals produced by hard-working fuel cells to spent molecules that have outlived their usefulness.”


Access the full article HERE.

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