Out of Center Sleep Testing (OCST) in Adult Patients – AASM Accreditation

Standards for Accreditation of Out of Center in Adult Patients

New policies related to out of center diagnostic testing for apnea and the evolution of portable technology has shaped the diagnosis of patients with apnea.  The AASM announces a new program, Accreditation of Out of Center for Adult Patients, to meet the changing needs of members, disorders centers, and the medicine field.  The new Standards of Accreditation of Out of Center  are available on the AASM website.

Earning accreditation for out of center from the leader in medicine enables medicine providers to offer broader options to patients and for facilities to gain recognition as a out of center provider that meets the highest standards of quality care. AASM-accredited facilities will receive an e-mail that details their respective application process and information on an application for stand-alone entities will be communicated next week.


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