Latest Fitness Wearable Incorporates Sleep


The “wearables” craze started with counting miles and tracking heart rate, but those measurables have expanded to include sleep. The trend is a sign that sleep is fast becoming a known harbinger of true fitness.


The latest biosensing wearable is the LifeTrak Core C210 from Salutron. The Core C210 tracks 24/7 activity and heart rate, including sleep, calories burned, steps taken and distance traveled, to help users get active, lose weight, sleep better and live healthy.


The Core C210 offers automatic sleep detection and monitoring – while other devices require users to remember to manually prompt the device when they are going to sleep, taking a nap and waking up.


LifeTrak activity monitors incorporate heart rate and physical motion into the calorie burn calculation, which is considered a more precise way to determine calorie expenditure. They also provide the most sophisticated science and accurate data calculation of any activity tracker on the market, giving users the ability to make more informed changes to their health.


Features include:

  • Automatic sleep detection and monitoring – Knows when users fall asleep, monitors sleep quality and detects when users wake up, without the need to prompt
  • Accurate Heart Rate – Heart rate detection with a simple press of a button
  • 24/7 automatic tracking – Includes sleep, calorie burn, steps and distance
  • Weekly and hourly records – View results from the past 7 days, and throughout the day with a  24-hour chart
  • Long-lasting battery life – One year and no charging required

Waterproof Fully submersible up to 90 feet

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