Ex NFL Dallas Cowboy Legend, Tony Dorsett joins up with the Pro Player Health Alliance

Officially launched today, two NFL legends, Tony Dorsett and Derek Kennard who have been heavily involved in the “Tackle Sleep Apnea” campaign, have their own personal pages within the Pro Player Health Alliance (PPHA) website where sleep apnea specific products can be ordered. One of which is the Snore Owl, that is a fix for snoring and temporary solution for minor sleep apnea. In addition, by visiting the PPHA website at http://www.proplayersleep.com, home sleep tests can be ordered upon request.

The campaign was brought to life by David Gergen, President of PPHA and Gergen’s Orthodontic Lab last year. Since then he has only gained momentum treating over 160 former professional athletes and educating over 1,000 people in communities throughout the country on the harmful effects of leaving it untreated by hosting free public events. David Gergen says, “I urge anyone, if possible, to come to these events. And if you don’t have an event in your area, visit the website and be proactive in educating yourself. Sleep apnea is real and the effects are real. Why let it go untreated?” In fact, there are talks of Pro Player Health Alliance holding an event in Denver in the coming months.

Tony Dorsett recently took part in a Pro Player Health Alliance commercial on sleep apnea as a way of showing his support. He has, along with Roy Green, Derek Kennard and Mark Walczak, mentioned how being treated for sleep apnea has changed his life. To hear their stories and watch the Tony Dorsett commercial, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCGhfhwGq9E

About Pro Player Health Alliance

Pro Player Health Alliance (PPHA) is an organization dedicated to helping former NFL players and the public through providing testing and treatment options for those who suffer from sleep apnea. In addition, the PPHA is dedicated to integrating education and raising awareness, in a fun and memorable way. The PPHA was created by David Gergen

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