Effects of Insomnia on Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson struggled with chronic sleeplessness and was so desparate to sleep he ingested propofol (Diprivan) to help him sleep.

His concern about being unable to sleep may have developed into psychophysiologyical insomnia. People with this sleep disorder worry too much about insomnia and about being tired the next day and as a result, they become too tense and anxious to fall asleep normally.

Sleep problems can cause havoc with a person’s life. Before Michael Jackson’s death, he complained about problems sleeping. If he indeed had insomnia for any significant length of time, his mental and physical health may have been compromised, as this is what medical authorities maintain happens with sleep problems of long duration

Click here to see Joy Behar talke with Mark Geragos and Dr. Michael Breus about the effects of insomnia on Michael Jackson


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