Drowsy Driving: People Admit it’s a Problem but Persist in Doing It

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has identified the culprit of drowsy driving as still a major problem. And yet, as high numbers of people condemn drowsy driving, many admit to doing it nonetheless.

Findings of the AAA Annual Survey include:

• Nearly all (94.9%) of American drivers believe it is somewhat or completely unacceptable fro somebody to drive when they are so sleepy they have trouble keeping their eyes open.

• Roughly nine out of ten (88.4%) of drivers believe that “where they live, most other people” think drowsy driving is somewhat or completely unacceptable.

• More than eight in ten believe that sleepy drivers pose a somewhat or very serious threat to personal safety.

Click here to view 2013 Drowsy Driving Fact Sheet

And yet, despite the above findings, AAA reports that more than a quarter of licensed drivers reported having driven when they were so tired that they had a hard time keeping their eyes open in the past 30 days.

Nearly one fifth admitted to doing this more than once, and two percent reported having done this fairly often or regularly. Young drivers aged 19-24 were the most likely to admit to drowsy driving, with nearly one third saying they had done so in the previous 30 days, and 23.6% saying it had happened more than once.

Source: AAAfoundation

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