American Thoracic Society Sleep Program, May 13-18 Annual Meeting

Sleep, both adult and pediatric, is the third pillar of the American Thoracic Society.  At the International Conference, clinical and research experts provide insights into all areas of sleep medicine, though a particular focus at the conference is obstructive sleep apnea and the affect of sleep problems on people with lung disease.  Below is a select list of topics that will be presented during ATS 2011 (return mid-January to review individual session details, including session topics and speakers):


  • Clinical Year in Review: Sleep Apnea
  • Clinical Impact of Pathophysiology on Treatment of OSA/Hypopnea Syndrome
  • Positive Pressure Management of SDB in Special Populations+
  • Physiology of Intermittent Hypoxia*
  • Endothelial Dysfunction, Vascular Disease & SDB
  • Obesity & Clinical Implications for the Pulmonary, Critical Care & Sleep Physician
  • Comprehensive Update on Polysomnography: Interactive State of the Art Review & Case Discussion*
  • Functional Modeling of the Pediatric Upper Airway
  • Hypoxic Pulmonary Hypertension: A Half Century of Discovery
  • Sleep in Chronic Lung Disease: Challenges of Sleeping & Breathing
  • Susceptibility to Cardiovascular Consequences of OSA
  • Understanding & Identifying Non-Adherence to Better Treat Asthma, COPD and OSA
  • What the CTSA Consortium Can Do For You
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research: Why Now?
  • Quantitative Thoracic Imaging: The Past, the Present & the Future

*Postgraduate course

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