ASBA Annual Conference a Huge Success – Meeting Recap (Photos)

Dr. Kent Smith Presenting in the Main Hall

The American Sleep and Breathing Academy’s (ASBA) 6th annual meeting, the most anticipated academy event of the year, exceeded expectations as registrants overwhelmed speakers and ASBA staff with incredible reviews. The event began Thursday, April 20, 2017 with a spectacular review course presented by Dr. Kevin Mueller, a professor at Midwestern University, for dentists preparing to sit for the ASBA and the American Board of Sleep and Breathing’s (ABSB) Diplomate Exam on Sunday, April 23rd. The review course is considered by previous participants as a must-attend. The ABSB exists to administer a certification program to dentists in dental sleep medicine which is a process that enables them to treat more patients with oral appliance therapy and positional therapy, in a more efficient and cost effective manner.

Congressman Marty Russo, a returning keynote speaker, launched the meeting in the main lecture hall with a compelling presentation about making the case for oral appliance therapy with local government and educating the public about sleep apnea. Megan Cheever explained navigation of medical billing for dentists treating OSA, Dr. Richard Bonato proved compliance in custom oral devices, Cindy White reviewed Medicare requirements for sleep medicine, Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Secretary of Transportation for Highway Safety Alberto Gutier showed sleep apnea as a priority for state government and highway safety, John Nadeau revealed a protocol for reducing time and achieving optimal oral appliance outcomes and Dr. Larry Tilley co-presented with Dr. Bryan Keropian on sleep disorders and the dental patient. Friday concluded with a cocktail mixer including networking with NFL legends and an open bar provided by the ASBA. Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Champion, Derek Kennard, said, “I love coming to the ASBA meetings. Every doctor I meet is friendly and willing to help. I always learn something new I can take to my football brothers that really help our quality of life immensely. And I can’t forget to mention the cocktail receptions are a blast every time! The guys and I love hearing stories when we mingle with the crowd. And yes, we do sign autographs because the doc’s coming to the meeting to be educated on how to better help their patients’ health are the real MVP’s.”

Saturday, ASBA President Dr. Kent Smith provided his thorough knowledge of working with physicians and establishing yourself as a dental sleep expert. Dr. Paul Van Walleghem explained how credentialing works and what becoming board certified means for the dental sleep medical model. Dr. Neal Seltzer and Gina Pepitone spoke on building the dental sleep dream team and what percent of the practice should be sleep. Dr. Richard Klein displayed TMD and its relation to OSA. Dr. David Singh “wowed” the crowd with his demonstration of non-surgical upper airway remodeling and special guest Dr. Ronald Brown who served as a board director on the American Board of Dental Specialties concluded lectures by presenting dental sleep medicine as a sub-specialty.

image032The completely sold out exhibit hall was filled during the two day meeting. Sleep Group Solutions’ CEO, Rani Ben-David, was thrilled to be able to attend the meeting. David Gergen credited the entire Sleep Group Solutions staff for bringing energy to the meeting and their booth by engaging attendees the entire duration of day one and day two. Rani Ben-David said, “We sold more product at this meeting than any previous meeting.” Dr. Anthony Scianni complemented the exhibitors who stayed to speak with attendees through the end of day two, saying, “It was refreshing seeing many of the vendors remain in their booths until the end of the conference. The topics were so valuable I felt the importance of being in the lecture hall while the speakers were presenting, but it was disappointing seeing some of the booths pack up early. I had questions for a specific vendor, but they were gone. I noticed the companies who had their owners present stayed through the entire event and were more successful because of it.”

The ASBA annual conference is the only meeting for dental and medical professionals alike where NFL legends, congressmen and some of the most successful sleep experts in the country come to share their experiences and knowledge with members who attend. This unique combination offers an outlook on all aspects of sleep medicine from the patient’s point of view to working with local government to promote awareness and recognition of sleep disordered breathing in the local community. Dr. Clint Blackwood mentioned, “The ASBA sets themselves apart from other organizations in many ways, but what really sticks out to me is how they are able to bring an extensive variety of meaningful topics to their meetings. Other meetings have the same doctors presenting the same topics and I’m able to pick out about 5% of the meeting as new information. I can tell the ASBA prides themselves in being on the forefront of the industry, consistently staying on top of and bringing the newest content to their members.”

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Alan Hickey

Alan Hickey

Publisher of Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy Journal the Official publication of the American Sleep and Breathing Academy, the Journal is a clinical and technical publication for dental and medical professionals.

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