1-800-SLEEPLAB Ramping Up

A renewed commitment to a nationwide phone reference (1-800-SLEEPLAB) is just one of many projects on the Sleep Group Solutions (SGS) docket. Rani Ben-David, president of SGS, North Miami Beach, Fla, has an ambitious goal in the form of 1-800-SLEEPLAB, a work in progress that seeks to be the largest directory in the ever-growing sleep world that includes neurology, cardiology, ENTs, dentists, and sleep physicians.

With lessons learned from 1-800-SNORING, a pilot project dedicated solely to the dental end, Ben-David hopes to be a first-call for consumers who need help. Depending on the zip code from where the call originates, inquiries would go straight to participating sleep professionals.

Sleep physicians who use SGS sleep interpretation and scoring services will also automatically be a part of the 1-800 directory. “Right now there is no one directory for everybody,” says Ben-David. “This one reference is designed to be the heart for everyone.” While the listing is for FREE the sleep labs and Physicians have the option to lease the 1-800 Sleep Lab number for the ZIP code they practice at for a very low fee.

Plans for 2010/2011 are simple: keep it going, spread the news, and take on even more projects. One such project is a partnership with Newport Beach, Calif-based Glidewell Dental Lab, which offers SGS an opportunity to double its number of educational seminars to about 80 per year.

Glidewell provides a lot of in the vast metropolis of Southern California and throughout the world. “It’s a huge partnership because they do more than 3,000 sleep appliances per month,” enthuses Ben-David. “Those Doctors need the education, and it’s a perfect opportunity for two companies with integrity to come together for mutual benefit. Glidewell is one of the most reputable dental labs in the world.”

Source: 1-800-SLEEPLAB

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